How to have the Drive & Tenacity of a Military Leader

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It's no longer enough to have a process.

To gain a competitive edge, you must change the thinking behind the behavior to equip every person in your company with the critical skills required to succeed on every level.

Strategy is easy to understand conceptually, BUT when it comes to execution there are always gaps that need filling.

My first hand experience as a Military leader coupled with a tertiary education in Behavioral science and Coaching means that our programs are guaranteed to get your team moving.

"she expects a room to be present and switched on"

 I had never heard of Nicky Thomas and when googling all I found was some 1970’s reggae singer from Jamaica! 

So I went into the session blind not knowing what to expect. 

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the session.  It just gelled with me.  It is the first session that I have been to in a long while where it was direct, to the point and on topic.  No messing around and fluffy gushy stuff that seems to be all rage at the moment.  I liked Nicky’s history and style of presenting and the way she expects a room to be present and switched on.  

It was the first training I have walked out of in a couple of years thinking "I'd definitely see that person again’’.  The feedback was as good from our other property managers Amy & Stacey, they have raved about it since Monday.


Vicky Knight 
Senior Property Manager | Business Development Manager

Professionals Prowest Real Estate

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"First hand experience"

We were looking for a Leadership Coach to address our Franchise Owners on the challenges of managing in difficult circumstances. Nicky’s firsthand experience in leading teams under pressure brought a fresh insight and enabled our Business Owners to look at their current issues in a different light. I know many of them have implemented the strategies learnt from Nicky’s coaching which has created a more positive working environment.     

Paul Blakeley

CEO – Harcourts WA State Support

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"Reviewing our personal and professional boundaries"

Much of our Property Management industry training revolves around the day to day “how to be a Property Manager”, however, I feel very strongly about the importance of managing yourself first if you want to be successful in this tough industry and equally tough market which brings its own set of challenges.


Nicky’s session on “High Level Functioning for Success” had us reviewing our personal and professional boundaries and understanding that our map is not our territory in order to assist us to communicate effectively and dissociate from other peoples’ crap.


Her very direct approach has her relating well with everyone who attended and we look forward to working with her again in 2017.

Marianne Smith

Property Management Operations Manager – Harcourts WA State Support

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